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I look at your face a lot

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I’m reblogging this from myself but *_*



I’m reblogging this from myself but *_*

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He told me
he was afraid of
with thirteen
on his body.
Michelle K., Commitment. (via monsoleil)
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IT’S LIKE HE DOESN’T EVEN CARE!!!!!!!!! like raising a kid is more than just making sure he/she is well fed and clean I think. You want your kid to grow up with GOOD HABITS. Every day when my sister gets home from school, she drops her bag on the floor heads straight to a laptop or ipad, and does that for the rest of the day until bedtime. It gets to the point where she forgets to shower or eat or do homework or anything!!! THAT’S NOT GOOD. omfg! her memory or attention span is really quite fucking ridiculous! I try to limit her time spent on electronics and set times for her to eat and shower and have her homework done, but I guess that makes me fucking mean! Taking away her electronics leaves her with nothing to do?? HELLO?? That’s good! She needs to take care of herself before having “fun”. JESUS FUCKIN CHRIST. I was totally fine with reminding her and everything, and the fucking system was working until my dad comes in and changes everything. Like, if you’re not accepting my help, how am I gonna care? 

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I don’t know how my dad is going to say that Hue is the only person to care for Ut. What the fuck. He isn’t even home enough to know what the fuck goes on at home. If anything, Hue does care for her more, but that’s because I’m busy with extra curricular activities. Like, he doesn’t get that it’s all competition out there. I can’t just come home every day to baby sit when there’s other things I need to do. Especially when there’s someone else that has more free time than me to baby sit. It pisses me off to hear that Hue is the only one that cares for Ut. Especially because the countless amount of times that she complains about Ut. I’ll get her food and help her with her homework and get her fucking clothes without complaining. But when I care for her, and give her restrictions and try to make her a better person overall, my dad just goes and changes the rules I give her. I’m just completely fucking done. It’s always the same thing. I don’t know how he’s gonna say that i don’t love my sisters when he doesn’t even bother to try to snexgkq siucg gjkbh wgyidvwbva

,d fuck I’m so pissed I don’t even want to finish this shit bye. how the fuck do i even make this post fucking private what the fuck ever. 

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